zondag, januari 22, 2012


Of building houses there is no end
with bricks and feelings thoughts and mind,
using the universal glue
that clings and sticks and binds.

Lovers spin webs for castles,
conquerors ancestral halls,
angels their heavenly mansions,
demons their prison walls.

Actors that tread the boards
and actors on the street
have studied how to speak their lines
and where to put their feet.

Each is his own creator
and jostles with the crowd,
entangled with his own conceits
by turns both arrogant and cowed.

2 opmerkingen:

Janny de Roo zei

Heeft het virus bij jou ook toegeslagen Emmy...? Ik heb mijn bouwvergunning nog niet binnen hihi..
groetjes, Janny

Atelier Ullizee zei

Leuk huisje!