zaterdag, januari 21, 2012

Mother Earth

after a phone call with a dear friend
I remembered this 

The challenge we are working on
because of grieve and difficult times
we never came to this challenge

 For me this was a very nice theme
in a basket forgotten there she was

I took here out and love here
I will work on here again
and maybe we all come togethere again
to finish this challenge

have a nice day

6 opmerkingen:

artymess zei

Yes you should finish this Emmy it's lovely colours.....x

Klaske zei

Het zou jammer zijn als dit bleef liggen want het ziet er prachtig uit!!
Noflik wykein

Magpie's Mumblings zei

Very beautiful colours - definitely you should finish it!

Nancy zei

Emmy this is beautiful. I like how you brought the weaving in.

Carol- Beads and Birds zei

I love the colors and the woven fabric. I sure hope you finish it. You are thinking of it, so it's time.
xx, Carol

jenclair zei

Love the colors and the weaving on this! finish!