woensdag, januari 11, 2012

Journal Cover

Full moon woven on a piece of Japanese woven paper 
A cover for a Journal
This is for the on-line class I will take on February
The Teacher Victoria Payne

Green fingers

Whatever she plants it grows rapidly.
Her soft magical fingers devote for a green house.
He was mesmerized to her sing-song while she was in the fields.
Though he passes several times on her premises
He is not so lucky to touch her transparent fingers.
Already a young vegetarian has joined her green revolution.
But once in a way he peeps to buy fresh vegetables.
Then he touches her finger tips.
He lived in his illusion half of the journey.

4 opmerkingen:

deanna7trees zei

nice woven moon.

Karen zei

Emmy, your cover is beautiful....

Yvette zei


Highland Monkey's zei

Like the look of your cover. I've been mulling over to do one myself. I like the way you have done the hand.